Instagram was launched in October 2010 and as of June 2018 there are nearly 1 billion active users and nearly 500 million active users per day, you being one of them. But the question is how do you get famous on Instagram? How do you gain instagram followers?

People want to get followed on Instagram either to show off or to promote their business.

But the real question is why would anyone want to follow you?

A)Your friends might follow you to see your pictures, or just to stay connected. B)You are famous and people wanna see your posts. Or C) People are interested in your niche.

If it is the latter then you need to get working because you really need to impress people who visit your profile. Friends and fans not just come out of nowhere.

If I am selling paintings, my Instagram should be filled with pictures of paintings, my bio should reflect it, my username and name should too.

So let’s see how you can make users interested in yourself and gain more and more Instagram followers.

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Profile Settings To Gain Instagram Followers

A great profile which is well organised and professional looking, is the key to gaining Instagram followers. Users who visit your profile will only follow you if they get to know you better by viewing your profile.

Many people also argue whether you should have a public or a private account. So let’s see which one is better.

Account Type – Private vs Public

Let’s get this straight out – public accounts get more followers on Instagram.

Private accounts are not for what people use them. You should make your account private only if you want a certain amount of people to message you, view your photos and know who you are following.

But people think that others will see your bio to get to know you, and then follow you to see what you post. That’s not how you get Instagram followers.

You will see no famous people with a private account, because private accounts are not supposed to be famous. Private accounts are to limit who can see your personal photos or not, by accepting follow requests.

Hope you get it? So start by making your account public.

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1) Easy To Remember Username

You made friends with Steven, your co-worker at your office and ask him to follow you on Instagram.

Case 1 : You tell him your username is @johnappleseed

Case 2 : You tell him your username is @_x_john.appleseed1357_x_

In which case do you think Steven would follow you?

It’s not just about remembering the username. Your username shows who you are.

So if you are looking forward to getting followers, instead of using @_the.beast.hunter64_, try using your real name if its available. Otherwise try adding underscores instead of random numbers, and also keep it short.

2) Use A Professional Name

Try to use your real name instead of anything like – ‘The Nature Lover’ or Not Interested’, names like these discourage other users to follow you because they have to think twice about you being legit or not.

Just use your full name or the name of your brand as your Instagram name.

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3) Choose A Friendly Profile Picture

Instead of using a picture of yourself in front of a scenery in which other people can not make out it’s you no matter how hard they try, choose a picture of yourself which is waist above in which people can recognise you. Or just choose your brand logo.

Also don’t keep changing your profile pic all the time. Just choose one for all your social medias and stick with it for a while.

A smile on your face would also show the users who visit your profile that you are friendly.

Though, I will not complain if you are a model.

4) Tell More About Yourself In Your Bio

You have got 150 letters, use them wisely.

Try to promote you business or tell who you are and what you do in the Bio.

For Eg : Instead of putting some random quotes in it, write about yourself. If you are selling guitars, tell them that you are a professional guitarist with some achievements and tell them that your guitars are the finest in market.

Write about your interest and skills so that people know who they are following and what to expect from you.

5) Make Use Of Your Bio Link

You get to put in just one link in your whole Instagram account, so use it carefully.

Put in the link to your website, blog or youtube channel. Link to your Twitter or LinkedIn profile to get followers there.

Just don’t put in links to random pages. Instead make your own blog and link to it.

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Uploading Pictures To Gain Instagram Followers

You might think that how you upload photos does not affect your followers much, but it does.

Quality photos and videos are what people are looking for when they follow you so do not disappoint them. Upload frequently and post friendly pictures of yours or of your brand/business.

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6) Upload Professional Pictures

Uploading high quality images to attract people is the key to increasing followers.

Instead of uploading blurry selfies with overdone filters, use professional cameras to shoot and upload well-edited photos. Promote your business by uploading quality pictures.

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7) Try To Upload Videos

Videos are liked by Instagram users and they get lots of likes and shares. Videos also rank better in the discover section.

Upload videos at least once a week which are promoting your brand/business under 60 seconds which are of good quality and are well-edited. Also post videos about yourself so that your followers get to know you better.

8) Post Multiple Photos In One Go

Use the Instagram’s multiple picture feature to fit more into one post.

If you are launching a new product or just went to a birthday party, upload multiple images shot from different angles to attract the viewers.

Also, these type of posts get more likes and comments.

9) Make Use Of Captions

Write about the photo or video you are uploading in the caption.

Don’t just type in a random quote, talk about the picture you are uploading like what is it about, what does it mean, where was it shot etc. Also use hashtags. More about hashtags later in the article.

10) Follow A Theme And A Routine

Try to maintain a theme while uploading.

Don’t just throw in a random selfie after you post all those well edited images promoting your brand/business.

For Eg : Check out Frooti’s Instagram profile. You can easily make out that a picture is uploaded by Frooti because of the theme of their photos with all the colors and patterns.

Also post pictures regularly. Post everyday, every other day, every week or anytime you want. This tells Instagram and your followers that you are consistent while uploading images.

Following Others To Gain Instagram Followers

This is simple, you need to show interest in other people to make them interested in you.

Following other people tells them that you are interested in them. They surely check out your profile too and if they like what you do, they will follow back for sure.

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11) Follow People In Your Niche

Follow other people who are interested or work in the same category as you do.

For Eg : If you are a tech guy just like me, then follow other people interested in technology. Or if you like music then follow other music lovers or musicians. It’s that easy.

12) Follow The People Your Followers Follow

Well this might sound confusing. Let me explain.

Let’s say you are interested in supercars. You post pictures of them, make videos, write articles etc.

Someone follows you because they are interested in cars too. That means they would follow other accounts interested in cars. Which means that their ‘Following’ list is full of car lovers. And that’s what YOU are.

So follow the users that your followers are following because ultimately they are also interested in the same topic.

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13) Follow People With Professional Accounts

Try to follow other accounts which are neat, organised and professional.

Don’t just follow anyone for a follow back. Your followers can see people you follow and if they find @_dirty.dizzy_pants.1969_ in your following list, then what impression would they get?

Choose wisely on who to follow. Also try to follow verified account as it makes you look like a professional and also increases the chances of you getting verified.

14) Don’t Follow Spammers

Don’t follow spam account like meme pages, jokes, vines etc. for the same reason as above.

Your followers might see that and decide to unfollow you. And also, you would waste time looking at memes rather than doing something productive.

15) Don’t Follow Accounts Promoting Violence or Nudity

Do I need to explain this again?

The reason is mentioned above and PLUS Instagram might see you as ‘harmful’ to the community and decide not to recommend others to follow you. Also, your account might get deleted too. Watch out!

Socializing To Gain Instagram Followers

What is Instagram about? Just posting photos and videos? No. It’s all about getting to know other people in the community, or Socializing, as we call it.

Here are some tips to get socialized on Instagram to gain more and more Instagram followers.

16) Appreciate Others On Instagram

Who doesn’t like to be appreciated? I do.

Telling other people that you like what they do makes them happy. It also encourages them to check your profile and see what you do, and ultimately follow you.

But don’t just go compliment any guy about how you like the pattern of his sweater. Appreciate people who are  in your niche.

For Eg : I might go out there and if I see someone posting about tech and I like it, I will tell him/her that I really loved their article or anything else.

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17) Like & Comment On Others Posts

This is the way to appreciate them.

You can drop a like or a comment on others posts to tell them about their work. People really like if someone interacts with their post and like it more when they are appreciated.

For Eg : If someone is developing an app and asking for any suggestion, I would go in the comments and suggest him/her all I can. This will tell him/her that I care about people, in which case he might decide to follow me.

18) Reply To Comments On Your Posts

Replying to others shows that you are responsible and care about others.

If someone asks questions, queries, appreciates you, asks for suggestion etc. then do reply to them. It let’s them know that you care about your followers and they should keep following you.

19) Make Friends With Professional In Your Niche

Try searching for any other professional accounts of people in your niche and hit them in the DMs.

Making friends with professional and knowledgeable people is just a great thing. You can ask them anything and vice versa and you get connected with intelligent people.

20) Ask People To Promote You And Vice Versa

Ask other to promote your brand/business and tell them you will do the same.

After all this socializing you have done and have made friends with others, ask them to promote your account or anything you want to be promoted and in return promote their account.

This can be done easily by tagging, linking to their @account in their bio or caption or by mentioning in stories.

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Hashtags To Gain Instagram Followers

hashtag instagram followers

Hashtags really matter. I can say that you WILL get followers by using hashtags.

You can use hashtags anywhere. In your Bio, Posts, Comments, Stories, Highlights and DMs.

Like on Twitter and other social media platforms, Instagram hashtags work by organizing and categorizing photo and video content. Every Instagram post you create can be accompanied by a caption and a few hashtags (up to 30), and these hashtags help in the process of content discovery.

To use hashtags, just put the pound sign (#) before any word and it will become a clickable link that goes to all the posts of that category.

For Eg : If you post a picture of lasagna, then you can add hashtags like #lasagna #lasagnalove #foodie #tasty and more food related stuff. You can add up to 30 hashtags in one post.

Also add hashtags like #followme #followforfolllow #followforlike #follow4followback etc. to get more followers.

Using hashtags would definitely increase your post’s reach and engagement and you will gain more Instagram followers.

So these were all my tips to gain Instagram followers. Did I miss any?

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