Battery Life is a major problem nowadays, as advanced tech needs better batteries. Although it is tough for companies to keep implementing new features if the battery life is not good, but we see new devices with more and more features. Your device’s battery life also starts to go down as the battery gets more used. But today I am going to tell you a simple trick which can improve your iPhone or iPad’s battery life.

Battery Life of iPhone

You can either watch the short video tutorial or see the steps below :-

Step 1 – Go to Settings > General > Reset

Step 2 – Click on Reset All Settings (This is not going to delete any of your media, as it is just going to refresh settings like location, notifications and other settings)

Step 3 – Enter your Passcode

Step 4 – Click on Reset All Settings

The iPhone or iPad will be restarted and a Welcome screen would show up, just like a new device!

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