Battery Life is a major problem nowadays, as advanced tech needs better batteries. Although it is tough for companies to keep implementing new features if the battery life is not good, but we see new devices with more and more features. Your device’s battery life also starts to go down as the battery gets more used. But today I am going to tell you a simple trick which can improve your Android Device’s battery life.

improve battery life

You can either watch the video tutorial or read the steps below:-

Installation – First Install 2 apps from the Play Store – Clean Master and Battery Doctor.

Clean Master

Step 1 – Open Clean Master and click Start

Step 2 – Click on Junk Files

Step 3 – Clean Master would ask for permission. Click Allow

Step 4 – Then Click on Clean Junk

Step 5 – Do the same process for Phone Boost and CPU Cooler (Also Antivirus if needed)

This would boost your Mobile’s performance and would make it respond faster.

Battery Doctor (To Increase Battery Life)

Step 1 – Open Battery Doctor and click Start

Step 2 – Now click on optimize

Step 3 – Once it is optimised, Battery Cooler and Super Saver can be used (When your device is heating or you are on low battery)

This app would give you all your Battery Details. It will show you the Health Status, Battery Capacity, temperature, Voltage, Charging Record etc. You can find all of this by clicking on the 3 Dots in the top right corner.

Charge master can also be activated to remind when the battery has been fully charged and to show battery drainage issues. You will also get a bar in the notification panel which will show you Standby Time Until 0% (on battery) and Time Until Full Charge (while charging)

Check out the iOS version here.

Prayank Kumar

A student who loves technology and wants to share his knowledge of it to the world by the means of writing articles and making videos.


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