Hey guys and today we will tell you some tips and tricks to use while tweeting on twitter so that you become a better tweeter! Sounds fun, right? Lets get right into it!

1) Tweet Limit
All the Twitter users might know that a tweet can not contain more than 140 letters. But what some people might not know is that a photo or a GIF does not even count as a single letter. However a Space count as 1 letter and an Emoji count as 2 letter. So tweet short but informative!

2) Draft Tweet
You can draft a tweet if you don’t want to post it yet. You can draft more than one tweets and can see them in “Drafts” when clicking on the Tweet button.
3) Group DMs
You can make start a group chat or “Conversation” by sending a DM to one or more people. You can also name the group and can add a Profile Photo to the group. There are no Admins, so no one can remove anyone from the chat. But they can leave the chat and create another chat.

4) DM a tweet
You can DM a tweet to someone by just clicking the small Message button below the tweet and you will be able to share it to a person or a group

5) Tweet Time
You can check the correct time a tweet was tweeted by click on the Tweet itself and the correct timing and date for the tweet below.
Stay tuned for more of these! See you guys next time!
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