Hey guys and Apple has announced another Keynote which will take place at a Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago and will be focused o students and budget products for them. So lets see what is coming! Also check out iOS 12 release date and more!

This picture above hints the release of Apple Pencil 2 with all the calligraphy and handwritten stuff. We can see that with a cheaper price tag than the old one.

New iPad
A new Budget iPad will be released with a price tag of $259 only. This will a 9.7 inch iPad and other than that not much is know about it yet.

New MacBook Air
New $799 Macbook Air will replace the $999 MacBook Air and will have a Retina Display too. This will be a lot cheaper and much affordable for students.

AirPower Mat
Finally Apple’s own wireless charger would be launched at this event around the price of $159 to $199 as it will come with the cable and the power adapter.

iPhone SE2
This is not confirmed by any means but fans have been requesting it for so long that we could see it coming, A Small iPhone – With a iPhone X screen. THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED.

So thats it for now guys, to know about iOS 12 you can click here.

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