Hey guys and Apple has come up with iOS 12. As you guys iOS 11 has been filled with bugs and glithches, Apple has a new plan for iOS 12 which will not focus much on features, but on performance and stability. It will be more like what we saw with iOS 10. Better performance, smooth interface. Apple has planned to remove some feature that they had “planned” for iOS 12 and focus on stabilty more. iOS 12 is most probably gonna come later this year but we might see Developer Betas after 2 months, so stay tuned to know how to get them.
Also check out The March 27th Keynote and What’s Coming!

What is getting cancelled?
1) A simplified interface for a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing design.
2) Basically a whole new chaper to iOS and make it look really fresh.
3) Managing files, locking apps and files with Touch ID.
4) Quick camera settings
5) Better storage space management and simple and easier way to do it.
Note : These are NOT coming in iOS 12

What is coming?
1) Improvements and new features to Augmented reality.
2) Better UI, Better Performance and Stability.

Wishlist for iOS 12
These are much requested feaures and improvements requested by the community and Apple will be hearing and adding some of these if not all.

1) Fresh look to icons
2) New Wallpapers
3) Fix notifications and grouping them to make a little less mess
4) Always On display on The iPhone X
5) Speed up animations
6) Use an application whilst someone is calling you
7) Smaller Siri Interface, not taking the whole screen
8) Easier way to access control center on iPhone X
9) Instant Unlock on iPhone X
10) Ladscape Homescreen on iPhone X
11) True Dark mode
12) Pause video during recording in Camera Application
13) Small volume HUD
14) Turn off WiFi and BlueT in the control center (not just diable them for 24h)
15) Split Screen on iPhones
16) Always On dock on iPads
17) Offline Siri
18) Skip 10 seconds in Video Player by double tapping (did someone say YouTube? )
19) Clear App Cache
20) Ultra Power Saving Mode

So that was it for now guys and if you would like to play Fortnite : Battle Royale on your iPhone or iPad, just click here.

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