Hey guys today I will tell you how to prevent your Facebook friends from tagging you in their post. It is very annoying when people tag you in their photos even if you are not in the photo. I will show you a way on how to review every post that someone tags you in before showing it on your timeline. So lets get started!

Also check out the video tutorial on how to prevent anyone from tagging you in their Facebook post.

Step 1
On PC – Click on the Menu button on the top-right of your screen
On Mobile – Click on More in the bottom Menu

Step 2
On PC – Click on Settings
On Mobile – Click on Settings and then Account Settings

Step 3
Click on Timeline & Tagging

Step 4
Turn on Review posts that you’re tagged in before the post appears on your timeline?

That’s it! Now when someone will tag you in their post, you will be asked if it should appear on your Timeline or not.

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