Hey guys welcome back, and today we will show you some secrets tricks about your iPhone that you did not know and Apple never told you!
1) Song Timer
If you want your iPhone or iPad to stop playing music after some time, you can a timer for that. Go to the Clock application and in the Timer tab click on When Timer Ends button between Done and Start. Choose Stop playing and set the timer. As soon as the timer hits the song will stop.
2) Clearing RAM
You can clear your RAM when your iPhone or iPad is running slow or lagging (happens rarely with Apple). Hold the power button until the Power Off screen shows up and release the power button. Then Hold the Home button until the screen flashes. You will all your apps in app switcher but they would refresh and your iPhone or iPad will get a huge performance boost.
3) Message Timestamps
Want to see when you sent or received a message in the Apple’s Message app? Just swipe to the left of your screen to see the time stamps.
4) Block Ads in Games
To make sure you play games with interruptions such as Ads, you can go ahead and turn on Airplane Mode from the Control Center. But remember you will lose your network connection and won’t be able to play online games such as Clash of Clans or Modern Combat 5.
5) Restoring Safari Tabs
You can restore Tabs you deleted recently either by mistake or on purpose by holding on to the Plus (+) button in Safari. You will see a list of tabs you closed recently.
6) Panorama Direction
You can change the direction of motion in which you want to go when in Camera app. Just click on the arrow before moving your mobile and you can swap sides in which you want to move.
7) At The Top
You can get to the top a Web page, Conversation, Facebook or Twitter feed or photos by just one click. Just click on the top of your screen (where you can see the clock) and you will be bought back to the top. Enough Scrolling!
8) The Amazing One
This one is just for iPads. You can quickly view your while by holding the Files App on your home screen, just like 3D Touch. The amazing thing is you can Drag and Drop also from that small menu. You will need iOS 11 though.
9) Game of Pool?
You can play a game of pool with your friend quickly within the iMessage App. Just download 8 Ball Pool from the App Store and you will see the icon on the bottom of the screen after clicking the App Store button in iMessages. Click on the icon and send the message. When both the players click on Play the game will start.
10) Restart
You can restart your iPhone or iPad if it does not respond or freezes (again rarely happen in Apple Devices) by pressing and holding the Power and Home Button at the same time. This is forced so don’t use this when not neccesory.
So these were some quick tips you can use in your daily life and if you know one, make sure to leave a comment!


rush my essay · October 30, 2017 at 11:54 am

if it were not for this post i would have never known of these simple but tricky tricks that can help the users in a great way. thanks for posting

Prayank Kumar · December 18, 2017 at 4:49 pm

My pleasure sir 😇

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{Stackglock updated 239 · October 19, 2018 at 9:41 pm

Me enjoying, will read more. Thanks!

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