Hello friends, today we are here to…….. Yes, to make your iPhone get cool. Many people have the same problem, their iPhone is getting hot. Sometimes your iPhone felt a little warmer than it should, but sometimes you thought that it would explode – right. If you have a hot iPhone, iPad or iPod, it means there’s something wrong with your iPhone.

Why is my iPhone overheating?
As you know, your iPhone is a computer that you carry around. They have the same components, but they are really smaller than a real desktop. But, you didn’t noticed one thing – your desktop have a large fan, but your iPhone not. That’s not a problem, until something goes wrong.
You could see many fans on your desktop, but your eyes first notice that huge fan on your desktop’s CPU. Because the CPU gets hot faster, and same goes for iPhone.

If you are having some issues with your iPhone’s speed, or you want to boost it, see our another post called How to Boost your iPhone by clearing RAM Instantly

Is your iPhone’s CPU is revved up to 100% all the time?
So here’s the point, your iPhone is getting hot because of all those application which are running in the background and your CPU is getting revved up to 100%. So in the next post we will tell you how to solve this problem.

To know how to fix your iPhone which is now a fireball, click here.


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